Tender procedure for Works in Sredets within project CB005.2.21.018 / СB005.2.12.019

Tender procedure for Works in Sredets within project  CB005.2.21.018 / СB005.2.12.019

Publication reference:     2014ТС16I5СB005-2018-2 – 018/019 WORKS -  C2 – 04

Lot 1     СB005-2018-2 –21 -  018

Lot 2    СB005-2018-2 – 12 – 019



Sredets Municipality Starts Simplified WORKING PROCEDURE with the intention of awarding a contract for work in 2 lOTS:

 LOT 1: Renovation of part of the building of "Svetlina-1924" Chitalishte in the village of Debelt in order to establish "Creative Tourism Complex"within Project № CB005.2.21.018 –“ANCIENT WHISPER – CREATIVE RESONANCE” .

LOT 2: Reconstruction of a former" military club "in Sredets into" Laboratory Center for Environmental Monitoring and Biodiversity in Protected Areas "Location: Regulated Plot XIX-236, square 6 on the PUP of Sredets" within Project № CB005.2.12.019  „ECO-LABS for Sustainability of Protected Areas and Coastal Environment“

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